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    Discover why ancient wine needs to be thought of as modern wine’s precursor, not its progenitor. 

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    Learn how wine in the Renaissance and the Enlightenment, like so much else in European culture, became recognizably modern.

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    During wine’s brief nineteenth century golden age, certain wines became sought-after as both sources and emblems of a refined sense of taste.

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    Wine and the business of wine had to be reinvented in the second half of the twentieth century.

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    Today’s new globalized golden age, when certain styles of wine have become popular across the world, is also an era of increased specialization.

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About Inventing Wine

Drinking wine can be traced back 8,000 years, but the wines that people drink today are radically different from those made in earlier eras.  While...


Paul’s Bio

Paul Lukacs is a wine writer, educator, and advisor.  He lives in Baltimore, where he also is a professor of English at Loyola University Maryland, specializing...